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New Investment for 2022
Mirka Dustless Sanding Equipment


This year we have taken the decision to invest in a dustless sanding system not only for our own health and safety but also to reduce our impact on the environment with airborne dust and pollutants and also from an aesthetic point of view to protect our customers homes from the invasion of dust whilst sanding. 

Dust and sanding particles are an inevitable by-product of sanding in our business, whether it be skirting and architraves to doors and walls, as much as we pride ourselves on our clean up procedures after a few days the finer 'builders dust' may settle on some surfaces.  This new system from the industry leading Mirka brand is nothing short of astounding, picking up 99% of residue as it sands.  We have used it in our own home on a badly stained oak table and a painted oak side table, the results speak for themselves, a beautifully smooth end product that will be finished with a lime wax to seal and protect.

We are pleased to announce that we will be using this system as standard for all clients going into 2022 .

Frequently asked questions when it comes to sanding.....

Q: How can I sand without getting dust everywhere? How do you prevent dust?

A: Most sanding naturally creates dust, and this is something we take seriously. By using on-tool dust extraction, dust can be safely removed from the working surface without it ending up in the air, or your skin, or your lungs, or anywhere you don’t want it to go. Mirka dust extractors deposit the dust safely in an easily emptied bag.

Q: Why is it important to use dust extraction instead of cleaning the surface often?

A: The most dangerous dust is so-called invisible dust that can stay airborne for a long time, building up in the lungs. It has already been in the air long before it settles down on the surfaces.

Q: Is all dust the same?

A: There are differences between types of dust. For example, paint residue can be highly toxic and dust from hard wood is extremely harmful IF inhaled for long periods of time.

If you would like anymore information or would like a quote please contact us using the contact us section of the website or give us call.

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